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An Unknown Force Is Pulling The Milky Way And Other Galaxies Towards It At 12 Million Mph

Researchers are struggling to understand WHAT is ‘pulling’ our galaxy, the Milky Way, and other galaxies towards IT at an incredible speed of 12 million kilometers per hour. About a hundred thousand galaxies including ours are being sucked toward a region of space that we can’t see and we don’t know why. Astronomers call it a “Gravity Anomaly

The Great Attractor is certainly there (because we see its gravitational influence), but the major portion of the mass that must be there cannot be seen in our telescopes. (source)
Researchers discovered indications of the mysterious force back in the 70s. As time passed by and our telescopes got bigger and better we were able to learn more about that specific region in space.

We can only observe that the Milky Way and everything around is being pulled by that ‘something’ and that mysterious force must be something massive, strange, and fascinating, something that is both extraordinary and scary.

The mass of the Great Attractor isn’t strong enough to pull everything towards it, this is why, when we look at an even bigger picture we find that numerous galaxies including the Great Attractor are in fact moving towards something that is even larger than the Great Attractor.

It’s a very very massive region of space called “The Great Attractor”. Astronomers believe it has a mass of 100 billion Suns. Watch the Video below for more details.

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